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Welcome to two the core fitness & physiotherapy

Our goal is for you to achieve optimal health and fitness whether that be in sport or in activities of daily living. Browse the tabs below for introductory information on our services.

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March 2 2015 to March 8 2015

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Physiotherapy at Two The Core

At Two The Core we encourage preventative health care. You do not require an injury, disease or surgery to be helped by a physiotherapist. The following are types of services provided:

  • Sports specific training and injury rehabilitaion
  • Pre and post surgical therapy
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • TMJ disorders
  • Pelvic health
  • Fitness based therapy

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Personal Training

If you are looking for a fitness program that is completely unique to you, personal training is it. On initial visit, we will determine together what your goals are, whether that be sport specific, weight loss, or general fitness, and develop a program to achieve success. You may even have very specific goals such as increasing skating speed for hockey, agility for soccer, or even toning up to fit into that black dress!

With personal training you have the option to vary your workout locations. Your program may include sessions indoors or out, on flat land, mountain or water, or all of the above. training.

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Registered Massage Therapy

Annalisa Favrettois a Registered Massage Therapist and has been practicing and living in the area for many years. She specializes in sports therapy and deep tissue massage, reduction, prevention and rehabilitation of scar tissue formation, and has extensive experience with post surgical rehabilitation such as knee and hip replacements and post mastectomies. Annalisa prefers using gentle techniques and patient care and comfort are her priority.

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Acupuncture is a coherent system that has been tested, developed and used effectively for thousands of years to identify and correct these imbalances through the careful, precise and painless insertion of hair-thin needles shallowly into the skin. We can, for example, allow muscle trigger points to release, circulation to improve, organ systems to regain optimal functioning and alleviate pain and suffering.

The result is more energy, vitality and health to allow you to live a happy and active life.

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Nutrition Counselling

Do you have energy highs and lows? Are you experiencing PMS, fertility issues or peri-menopause? Do you often get indigestion, heart burn or other digestive problems? Are you under stress and feeling exhausted? Then we need to talk!

I'm Sheri Johnson and I can work with you to change your diet and lifestyle in a way that addresses the root cause of your symptoms and ultimately improve how you feel. Our bodies need specific amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fats and fiber in order to maintain balance. Most of what the body needs comes from the food we eat. If you eat too much of one thing and not enough of another, your body may lack what it needs to maintain balance. That's when you begin to experience symptoms - feelings that we often think are normal, but are not.

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Get to know us

  • Robyn Allen - Physiotherapist
    Robyn Allen - Physiotherapist
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  • Sarah Bright - Personal Trainer
    Sarah Bright - Personal Trainer
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  • Vanessa Vega - Physiotherapist
    Vanessa Vega - Physiotherapist
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  • Annalisa Favretto - Massage Therapist
    Annalisa Favretto - Massage Therapist
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  • Sheri Johnson - Holistic Nutritionist
    Sheri Johnson - Holistic Nutritionist
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  • Chris Savidge - Acupuncturist
    Chris Savidge - Acupuncturist
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  • Katie Hamilton - BKin, CNP
    Katie Hamilton - BKin, CNP
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  • Amanda Clayton - Yoga Instructor
    Amanda Clayton - Yoga Instructor
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  • Connor Vilaca - Hatha Yoga Instructor
    Connor Vilaca - Hatha Yoga Instructor
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  • Kevin Graham - Spin Instructor
    Kevin Graham - Spin Instructor
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