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Don't be fooled by this class. It can be challenging. Get out of it what you put in during 55 minutes of exercises on the barre and core on the floor to finish up. Light weights, pilates ball and a band are all this class requires.



This class takes place on the mat. Core strengthening while moving the body through flexion, extension and rotation. All exercises can be modified for injuries. Pilates ball, band and block are all that is needed for this class. Feel taller and stronger at the end of this 55 minute workout.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is an affordable and efficient piece of equipment. Join this class for a great full body workout. It is good for any level.


Spend an hour and 15 minutes with Amanda either on the screen or in Bayview Park in Thornbury while the weather is good. This class is appropriate for all levels. Amanda can modify or challenge depending on each participant's needs.


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